This is the online API documentation of the postfix-policy-server package with examples so you can start building your own Postix policy services right away!

postfix-policy-server (or short: pps) provides a simple framework to create Postfix SMTP Access Policy Delegation Servers in Go.


First of all, download and install Go. 1.17 or higher is required.

Installation can be done using the go get command:

$ go get -u github.com/wneessen/postfix-policy-server


The pps framework allows you to start a new TCP (or other Go net.Listener) server that listens for incoming policy requests from a Postfix mail server.

Once a new connection is established and the dataset from Postfix has been sent, the data will be processed as a PolicySet and handed to a provided Handle() method that is given by the user, using the pps Handler interface.

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